Weather Spirits Smile on the 2018 Golf Championship

After some scary showers in the early morning of August 30, the sun came out, the air cooled down and it was a beautiful day for golf at the scenic Neshobe Golf Club in Brandon, VT. Neshobe was the location for the 2018 Golf Championship and all the players were enthusiastic about the new venue. The Club staff were very helpful to all the VSGA players – although the “Lost Foursome” had to put up with a lot of ribbing from the local players at the clubhouse bar when they finally returned from their almost 6-hour tour of the 18-hole course. But “slow and steady” won the day with ‘lost foursome” member Jack Wilkins bringing in the best score of the day.

With 2018 being the qualifying year for the 2019 National Senior Games and the fact that NSG rules for Golf allow only the first place finisher in each age group to qualify, there was some strong competition. It is important to know that although the Tournament included several players visiting from out of state, they will not supplant Vermonters in terms of qualifying for the Nationals.

In addition to thanking the Neshobe Club for welcoming the VSGA players, we greatly appreciate the work of volunteer Golf Sport Coordinator (and player) Bruce Gepfert who organized a great Tournament. Congratulations to all the golfers and we look forward to seeing you next year!