Vermonters Pick Up 4 Silver and 2 Bronze in National Senior Games Sunday Competition

After a quick scan of the results, I believe Vermont has picked up three silver and one bronze medals in swimming and a silver and a bronze at the track in today’s competion.

In the pool, Margaret Nickerson finished second in the 50 yard breaststroke (1:19.47) and 100 yard backstroke (2:22.03) in the womens 85 – 89 division. Katherine Branch also picked up a silver in the women’s 60 – 64 division in the 200 meter freestyle with a time of 2:26.57. Lee Ann Banks won bronze in the women’s 55 – 59 100 yard backstroke with at time of 1:12.42.

On the track Flo Meiler tied for the longest long jump at 7’1” in the women’s 85 – 89 division but ended up with the silver medal when the tie was broken based on the second longest jump. Allen Mead ran the 1500 meters in 5:10.45 to pick up silver in the men’s 50 – 54 division.

Other finishers in the pool were Marilyn Williams, 9th in the women’s 70 -74 (W70) division in the 50 yard breaststroke in 57.69; Sara Beth Bombardier, 4th in the W50 200 yard freestyle; Mary Clifton, 8th in the W60 200 yard freestyle; Patricia Quinlan, 27th in the W60 50 yard breaststroke in 56.07; Harvey Ottinger Jr, 4th in the M60 50 yard breaststroke in 33.85; Katherine Branch, 4th in the W60 100 yard backstroke in 1:19.20; and Sara Beth Bombardier, 5th in the W50 400 yard individual medley in 7:30.35.

At the track other finishers were Margaret McCoy, 8th in the W55 long jump at 11’10 ¼ “; Jill Broderick, 19th in the W65 long jump at 7’7 ½ “ and 28th in the W65 50 meter prelims in 10.41; Peter Davis, 8th in the M75 discus at 11’10 ¼ “; Matt Guild, 4th in the M55 1500 meter run at 5:08.86 and 12th in the 400 meter prelims in 1:03.42; and Sandra Wall, 20th in the W60 50 meter prelims in 9.20;

In the cycling 10 km time trial Brian Conchieri had the fastest Vermont time in 15:05.8 to take 16th in the M60 division. Other finishers were Andre Sturm, 20th in the M55 division in 15:55.7; Lawrence Myer, 22nd in the M70 division in 16:49.1; John Bertelsen, 24th int eh M70 division in 16:58.1; and Woodie Clifton, 34th in the M65 division in a time of 17:28.5.

It’s been a long day as the author was busy competing on the track so he hasn’t had time to scan the results in other sports for Vermont results. If you have updates please continue to use the form on the previous post to get them to George so we can recognize those athletes here.

By Matt Guild