National Senior Games Postponed to 2022!


This was a New Year’s surprise that we at Vermont Senior Games did not see coming – the National Senior Games scheduled to be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in November of 2021 have been postponed until May 2022.

            NSGA CEO Marc Riker explained “in consultations with our host region and with our association members and athletes, it became clear that having several more months of economic recovery and time for the pandemic to subside made postponement the obvious decision for all.”

            Nationals are now scheduled to take place May 10 – 23, 2022 in Florida.

            In addition, the NSGA has opted to make 2021 a qualifying year! Thus, any athlete who meets sport / event qualification standards in state Senior Games competitions in 2021 will qualify to compete at Nationals in 2022. This is in addition to already expanded qualification standards the NSGA had adopted for this highly unprecedented National Games.

            More information will be upcoming, and details can be found on the National Senior Games website .

            What does this mean for the Vermont Senior Games? We currently have nine events scheduled, all COVID-dependent of course – 5K race, 10K race, track & field, golf, pickleball, basketball, triathlon, powerwalk, and cornhole.

            In addition, cycling, racquetball, tennis, and table tennis are all in the process of being finalized. Finally, to address COVID concerns, we are working on making arrangements to hold our swim meet at an outdoor facility and assessing our options in that regard.

            Vermont Senior Games will make every possible effort to hold all 14 of our events if at all possible. We remain committed to providing our athletes with top-quality competitions and the opportunity to qualify for Nationals.

            We plan to release a schedule within the next two months, with events backloaded towards the end of the year in the hopes that COVID will finally be waning as 2021 progresses.