Monday Update from NSG

In tennis action this morning in Birmingham Heidi Willoughby of Williston lost to Deborah Podoin of New Jersey in the finals 6-4, 6-4 so she will be coming home with the silver medal in women’s 50-54 singles. I believe that wraps up tennis competition for Vermonters at the games.

This evening the 5 km road race was held in downtown Birmingham. Jim Flint was the first Vermont finisher finishing eighth in the men’s 55-59 division in 20:40. Elizabeth McCarthy got the highest division place with a fifth in the women’s 65-69 division in 30:25. Peter Mitchell also picked up a ribbon with a seventh place finish in the men’s 75-79 division for covering the course in 27:21. Tim Hogeboom was 20th in the men’s 65-69 division with a time of 24:49.

No results yet for men’s doubles racquetball where Dudley Bell was scheduled to compete.

The games are winding down. I don’t think there are any more Vermonters competing. Let me know via our Facebook page if I am wrong.