June 14 update from NSG

We got this email from tennis player Karen Didricksen. I see I missed a silver medal for Michelle Immler in women’s 60+ doubles where she teamed up with Ann Henderson from New Hampshire.

Hi Marti,

Just a few photos from our time playing tennis down in Alabama. We had a blast and when we returned discovered Vermont was HOTTER than Alabama!

Becky Foulk, my doubles partner and I traveled down via Jet Blue thru Atlanta and rented a car. We got the chance to discover Birmingham.

We visited the Botanical Gardens, Civil Rights Institute and Vulcan Park. We attended one afternoon at the Track and Field games.

Michelle Immler, Ann Henderson (NH) and Valentina & Eugene Demidenko where there too to participate in the tennis events.

Becky and I finished 8th out of 15 teams, I finished 9th in singles out of 20 teams so not bad for our first games. Mid way!

Michelle and Ann did much better and Michelle won the 65 singles and they were 2nd place in 60 doubles. I think Valentine and Eugene were in the semi’s in Mixed doubles,

but did not get a chance to watch. We did however go out to dinner with them after the opening ceremony where we wore our green shirts proudly.

We are looking forward to participating again in 2 years!

thanks for all the organizing,



Final results in other events are slowly being posted. The men’s 85+ racquetball final results are still pending but the details from the tournament show Dudley Bell and his partner Ralph Carito of New Jersey winning both their matches in a three team field so I have a feeling there was a gold medal awarded there. In the singles Bell and Harvey Ottinger of Shelburne both lost in the quarterfinals but should both have top eight finishes.

Women's tennis players Heidi W, Michelle I., Ann H., Becky F. and Karen D. Monday June 12th..last day!
Women’s tennis players Heidi W, Michelle I., Ann H., Becky F. and Karen D. Monday June 12th..last day!

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