Golfers Brave the Rain

Old Golfing Joke: Bill and Earl are out playing golf. They get to the 17th tee, which overlooks a small lake, and see two guys out on the lake fishing. Bill says, “Hey Earl check out those two idiots fishin’ in the rain!”

After perfect weather for the 5K Road Race last Saturday, the brave VSGA golfers who gathered for the 2017 Championship at the Vermont National Country Club on Sept 5th were faced with rain, rain, and more rain, punctuated by fog and wind just to keep things interesting. When the greens began to flood the Club closed the course and our intrepid and sopping wet golfers gathered to dry out, warm up, and share war stories.

Many thanks to our dedicated Sport Coordinator Bruce Gepfert for his skillful coordination of the ill-fated outing and for deciphering the soggy scorecards for a “1/3 tournament” and sending almost everyone home with a medal.

You can check the results here and see photos on the VSGA Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who played, for your fortitude and good spirits. Here’s to next year and better weather for the next National Senior Games’ qualifying year!