2019 Track and Field Summary

In an unprecedented event, Vermont Senior Games athletes shared the Burlington High School track & field complex with younger athletes on July 13, 2019, competing in the 5th annual Sprinticity Classic. Despite the heat, VSG athletes turned in multiple impressive performances and helped make the event a big success.

            The event marked several significant changes from the past Senior Games track & field program. VSG Games Committee member Betsy Terry commented, “the Burlington track was great, the concessions were great, and the timing team was great.” Moreover, many athletes enjoyed competing in the same meet as the youths.

            In terms of performances, the complete list of medal-winners is listed below. For the highlights, iron-man Dudley Bell, an 86-year-old from East Burke, entered 11 events, and won the gold medal in eight of them. 76-year-old Vito DiCesare enjoyed his Saturday as well, earning six first-place finishes in the long jump and a variety of track events.

            Other male multiple-gold-medal-winners included Canadians Hugh Bernaquez, with two wins in the sprints, and Hugh Wilson, capturing five victories in the running events. Another Quebecois, Peter Tams, earned four gold medals in the field events, while Bradford, Vermont’s Peter Terry recorded four wins in the running events.

            Stephen Williamson, Peter Mitchell, and Rob Smith all went home with a trio of gold medals, while Patrick Flood, Charlie Miceli, and Jeff Morin garnered two first-place finishes apiece.

            On the women’s side, Jill Niles from Norwich, Vermont paced the field with five gold medals among the jumping and running events.

            Patricia Flood won two sprints, Donna May took gold medals in the 800 and 1500 meters, and Katharine Montstream also notched a pair of first-place results in the jumps. Finally Margaret McCoy won gold in the high jump and the 50 meters.

            VSG will now be assessing how to proceed with this event in the future, whether to stage our own meet or continue to partner with Sprinticity. Check back for news on our website and Facebook page.