2019 Cycling Competition Canceled

Unfortunately, the Vermont Senior Games is announcing the cancellation of our cycling event, planned for September 15 in conjunction with the Maine Senior Games. To summarize, our hosts in Maine have had their local authorities completely change the “rules” regarding how they could run their race – they wanted the course changed, more money for traffic control, etc. We were in contact with our partner coordinator in Maine since last year, and despite our support and suggestions, she just couldn’t make it work – which we respect.

Here is the statement that she shared with us:

“Thanks so much for your patience, your offers of money, suggestions, ideas etc. for the MSG cycling event. They wanted us to stay off the 40 yards of North Street. The starting point at the Bicycle shop is ideal as there is parking, bathrooms, electricity for the timer to say nothing of a place to buy a last needed part or to get help if something last minute goes wrong with your bike. I tried to find a turnaround place for the races and could not find it unless the route was short or too long. My plan B was to just pay what we need for police for this year and then I got this email Friday afternoon:

I still feel that you could mark out the route distances and determine the exact point where they need to turn around.  Even if it is a mark on the roadway with a volunteer and they just turn at that spot would work.  The Chief and I met and still have serious concerns about entering onto Log Cabin Road from Sinnott with the fast traveling cars in that area.  As I stated before, we take these events seriously and it’s our job to make them as safe as possible.  Ignoring a clearly dangerous plan does not sit well with us.  Please let me know what your thoughts are in this arena, is this event with its current route worth doing if it puts your participants at risk?

Turning in the road could work for the Time Trials but I cannot expect a pack of 12-15 riders going at top speed, inches from each other to turn on the road to go the other way. So, I have decided to cancel our Cycling event for 2019 as it sounds as though even if we pay the police, they are not on board. I am so sorry about this but I see no other way. We have Vermont depending on us as well as other New England States that no longer hold Cycling events due to the cost so I would like to see it come back. It is such a great event.”

We at VSG are committed to staging a bicycling qualifying event for Nationals in 2020. It may be in partnership with Maine, or in Vermont, but we are already working on making it happen. We apologize for the athletes who have trained for the event, but in the end it was out of our control.