2018 Tennis Tournament Sets Record for Participation

The 2018 VSGA Tennis Championship Tournament, held on August 25 & 26 at The Quechee Club, was the largest in VSGA’s history with 64 players competing in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. VSGA extends our deep appreciation to volunteer Tournament Coordinator Donna Griffin and The Quechee Club’s Tennis Director Chuck Kinyon. They both did a fantastic job of organizing and running the fast-paced and very competitive two-day tournament and put in long hours beyond just the 12 hours of tournament playing time.

With 2018 being a qualifying year for the National Senior Games, there was a lot of interest from all the players in earning a chance to go to Albuquerque in June 2019. Based on the results, there will be a large Vermont delegation competing in tennis next year.

Everyone was grateful that the weather cooperated, sparing the players the brutal heat and humidity of the previous week. The Quechee Club provides one of the most scenic settings anyone could ask for playing tennis. Chuck Kinyon and his staff provided great support and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and the gorgeous view from the Clubhouse deck.

As usual, there was some fierce competition. At one point, Tournament Coordinator Donna Griffin, had to step in and assign a line judge to arbitrate a Women’s Doubles match. And in a show of exceptional stamina, the match to determine the Men’s Singles Silver and Bronze winners practically shut down the Club on Saturday evening.

Congratulations to everyone who came out to play and best of luck to those planning to head to Albuquerque!

Results are available here.

More photos are available on Facebook.