2017 Racquetball Championship Held at The Edge in Essex

On one of the most gorgeous days in an otherwise cold & wet Spring, a group of dedicated racquetball players converged on The Edge in Essex for over 6 hours of intense competition in the VT Senior Games Associations 2017 Championship Tournament.

Abandoning (or escaping) regular Saturday activities such as gardening, dump runs, and lawn mowing 15 men and one very competitive woman (Liz Audet) were matched in a round robin Singles and Doubles tournament. Players were grouped roughly by age ranging from “youngster” 51 year-old Shawn Marcotte to veteran competitor 85 year-old Ray Gomez who declared that racquetball is his favorite sport and win, lose or draw, he would have a good time!

That spirit reflects the VT Senior Games Association’s motto of “fun, fitness and fellowship.” There was a lot of sweat, grunts, crashes into the wall (see photo of Bill Parkhill in the hard-fought final singles game) and also plenty of laughter, high fives, and words of praise and encouragement.

Many thanks to our volunteer Sport Coordinators Les Hankins, Jr. and Liz Audet and our intrepid scorekeeper Lonnie Wimble.

Congratulations to all the players!

Results are available here.